ISDT 2012 International Conference on Integrated Systems, Design and Technology -- Mallorca, Spain 12-15 May 2012, Re-engineering and Sustainability

Our Vision:

The International Conference on Integrated Systems, Design and Technology (ISDT), born from the vision of integration, is a meeting with a conceptual ideology based on integration of strategies for developing and creating complex systems and is characterized by its multidimensional efforts, ideas and concepts to handle high complexities in different but interdisciplinary connected fields of applications."

We are looking forward to new steps towards interdisciplinary thinking, resulting in new works to fuel the knowledge transfer in new technologies. Therefore we like to invite you to join us this year in the spirit of this vision.

Update: We are proud to announce that the International Conference on Integrated Systems, Design and Technology 2012 will be held in Mallorca, Spain from the 12th to 15th of May.

Update: The conference will take place int the beautiful hotel Riu Palace Bonanza Playa in Illetas. The Conference Venue offers an excellent mixture of professionalism and atmosphere for a successful interdisciplinary meeting.

ISDT Scientific Achievements and Network:

Since establishment of ISDT scientific network, our aim is to utilize and integrate Knowledge Technology for multidisciplinary industrial applications. In this context, we have extended our partnership to European leading institutions from Germany, Netherlands, England, Hungary, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Slovenia,Greece and Belgium as well as North American institutions from USA and Canada. The cooperative research results in conceptualization, design and implementation of Knowledge Management and Knowledge Engineering techniques/methods in multidisciplinary domains of application specifically Mechanical Engineering, Medical Engineering, Product Lifecycle Management, Innovation Transfer, Evidence Based Management, Intelligent Information Management, and Cloud Computing. Since last five years, we have successfully submitted research proposals for FP7, Lifelong Learning Program (LLP), Bilateral cooperation NWO-DFG (The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research-German Research Foundation),and Federal Ministery of Education and Research (BMBF). We are proud of our successful cooperation and look forward to future steps of transnational cooperation.

ISDT 2010 Springer Publication

ISDT Publication:

Papers which are submitted to ISDT should address kinds of integration related to Advanced Knowledge Management, Material Science, Industrial-, and Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Information Management which reflects: Re-engineering and Sustainable Concepts for any R&D Enterprises.All papers will be reviewed by selected reviewers in the corresponding fields of the covered topics. Reviewed papers will be published by Springer. Due to the strong and approved scientific publication frame provided by Springer, we are proud to hand over the chance to present the content of the work in an extended coverage of 6 - 8.

Update: Please see our last conference (ISDT 2010) publication which is appeared in page of Springer

The ISDT Concept:

ISDT 2012 International Conference on Integrated Systems, Design and Technology -- The ISDT Concept

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