Paper Format

When preparing your paper, please pay attention to the following points.

  • Preparation

    You are encouraged to use MS Word 2003 or later for the preparation of your paper. Resulting files should be saved as a Word 2003 compatible document with the ending ".doc".

    Below you find the template file including descriptions and information for the final paper preparation.

    If you are facing a situation where the use of MS Word 2003 is not possible, please contact us through:

    eMail: isdt{at}

  • Submission

    The final paper has to be submitted as a PDF file, together with the source file as a MS Word 2003 file for the later preparation of the proceedings.

  • Final Paper Format

    Language: The whole paper has to be written in English.

    Length: Due to the strong and approved scientific publication frame provided by Springer, we are proud to hand over the chance to present the content of the work in an extended coverage of 6 - 8 pages for the final paper submission.

    The template below includes style definitions for each section to ease the paper preparation, as well as to prove the best results for the final publication.

    Template: Download the template (MS Word 2003) for the preparation of the final paper here