Full list of topics

Material Science & Composite Engineering

  • Integrated Components for Composite Production
  • Development and Fabrication of Composite Materials
  • Modelling and Simulation of Composite Material Properties
  • Material Design of Hybrid Materials
  • Polymers for Sustainable Development






Micro-Electronics Technology Transfer

  • Alternate Energy Integration
  • Integrated Tools for Energy efficiency
  • Integrated Knowledge Sources for Alternate Energy
  • Integration Schemes for new Technological Approaches
  • Skills Development with Embedded Micro- and Nano-Systems
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Adaptive and Intelligent Process Controlling in Semi-conductor Industry
  • Technology Roadmaps

     Knowledge Engineering & Semantic Technologies

  • Integrated Meta Models for Re-engineering
  • Applied Knowledge Discovery Technologies
  • Analytical Approaches and Computational Analysis
  • Knowledge Re-usability
  • Innovation and Good Practice Transfer
  • E-learning Innovation and Competence Management
  • Knowledge Retrieval and Integration
  • Knowledge Intensive Scenario-Based Integration

Special Session: Intelligent Information Integration


Industrial Management & Process Engineering

  • Process Re-engineering Models and Concepts
  • Model-based Re-engineering
  • Integrated Indicators for Quality Assurance
  • Integrated HSE and Integration of Industrial Supervisors
  • Process Controlling Systems
  • Integrated Technology for Product and Production Improvement
  • Product Design, Development and Lifecycle Management
  • Integrated Tools for Supply Chain and Logistics Management

      Software Development & Engineering

  • Integrated Visualization of Complex Systems
  • Usability Engineering Integration
  • Similarity-based Differencing of Models
  • Model-based Software Development
  • Modelling of business Processes and Documents
  • Computational Intelligence (CI) and Optimization
  • Reverse Engineering of Software